Infrared Sauna Benefits – The Polar Opposite

Infrared Sauna Benefits – The Polar Opposite

Cryotherapy is getting massive press right now, thanks to cold-crusaders around the world rising in fame, and the good word that our friends and family at The Polar Room are spreading about its benefits. 

So why get into The Polar Opposite? Well, we think the power of sweat is just as important when it comes to detoxification and wellbeing, and infrared saunas are so hot right now. 

But not all saunas are created equal…

If you’ve ever tried a regular convection-heated sauna, you mightn’t have loved it, because the light doesn’t penetrate nearly as deep or easily, which makes for long, hard, work.

But with infrared saunas, your body sweats at a lower temperature, and penetrates up to three inches into it! Getting nice and deep will not only burn fat, but release toxins that are often trapped in fat, revitalising your cells and metabolism.

Our Jacuzzi sauna (also known as Clearlight) has heaters that are the safest and most effective on the market, and are the only infrared sauna that cancels out both EMF and ELF. 

And if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy sweating, well, bad luck, because we should all be sweating regularly for our health, and as your skin is the largest organ in the human body, elimination through it yields incredibly powerful results, and not to mention smooth, soft, and glowing skin. 

You could even maximise your session by doing our Whole Body Cryotherapy first, which is 3-minutes in our Cryosauna, around minus 140-degrees, and then jumping into the sauna, which will sit between 55 and 65-degrees for 45-minutes, or for however long you feel comfortable. 

If we haven’t convinced you yet, people also use saunas regularly (even daily) for:

  • Muscular & joint relief
  • Relaxation
  • Increased circulation
  • Sleep trouble
  • Mental health 
  • Immunity building 


Say hello to The Polar Room and find out how easy and affordable this rejuvenating ritual can be. 

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