Cryotherapy for weight loss

Cryotherapy for weight loss

Here at The Polar Room, there are so many reasons why people come through our doors. Athletic recovery, pain management, energy and sleep, and mental wellbeing, are just a few of them. And one of the most popular, is for weight control. 


And whilst it’s advantageous to eat well and exercise regularly, we recognise that many of our clients are time poor, and cryotherapy is a quick and easy way to burn excess calories and shift stubborn fat and cellulite.


So how does it work? Our Cryosauna is a circular stand-up dome, and your head comfortably sits out the top of it. For 3-minutes it safely emits liquid nitrogen to around minus 140-150 degrees celsius, cooling your body temperature rapidly, sending your blood to the centre of your body, protecting your vital organs due to perceived stress. Your body is now working super hard to maintain homeostasis (you may even shiver) and this uses A LOT of energy – even up to 800 calories!


Some clients prefer our hand-held Cryotherapy machine, which sits at a similar temperature, and can specifically target areas of concern. Fat cells can’t withstand this cold, and simply die off, to be later flushed out of the body naturally via the lymph system. The body will be prompted to produce more collagen and elastin too, which will tone and support the treatment area, and smoothing out any unwanted areas of cellulite. 


And if you really want to maximise your results, jump in our infrared sauna after your treatment, and immediately sweat out all those toxins we’ve just ruffled up!


If you have any questions, or want to discuss your personal concerns, we’d be more than happy to assist you at The Polar Room.

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