Cryotherapy & Sleep

Cryotherapy & Sleep

Mahatma Gandhi, the ill-fated Indian activist, once said, ‘When I wake up, I am reborn’. But anyone whose suffered from just one rotten sleep, would hardly feel anew the next day. Cue copious caffeine, a packet of Tiny Teddy’s (parents, just be honest here) and a vino to come down in the evening, and you’ve got yourself into a vicious cycle. 


One never imagines getting to that stage of blissful maturity in life where sleep’s high-brow conversation, but here at The Polar Room – we can’t deny we’ve achieved awesome sauce sleep status. 


TPR’s Co-owner Marshall says since he began cryotherapy, he no longer wakes throughout the night: “My brain is stimulated all day but when I put my head on the pillow my brain slows down and it allows me to sleep better.” – We’ll take that from someone who trains twice a day!


A deeper sleep means TPR’s Co-owner, Bernard, has more control over his mental health: “I can function at a higher level. My decisions are easier and I am able to combat my anxiety much better.”


These are reassuring sentiments, and no doubt your interest has piqued, but let’s get some cold, hard, evidence. According to several medical reviews, Cryotherapy can improve sleep quality across several concerns, including:


  • Inflammation and pain 
  • People experiencing depression
  • Those with Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Physically active people following an evening training session, and also by:
  • Increasing production of norepinephrine, a hormone that activates REM sleep.


If you experience restless sleep, or perhaps even only recently as a result of COVID-19 concerns, we’d love to welcome you – we’ll be with you all the (3-minute) way!


Yours in cool health,


The Polar Room.

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