Explore the many benefits of Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy Benefits

❄Athletic recovery

❄️Advanced pain & injury management

❄️Improve mental health

❄️Improve quality & quantity of sleep

❄️Weight management

❄️Boost immunity & vitality

❄️Boost collagen production

Cryotherapy Facial Benefits

❄Stimulate collagen production

❄️Increase blood flow & circulation

❄️Reduce wrinkles & fine lines

❄️Clear up acne & spots/scarring

❄️Naturally tighten pores


❄️Eliminate stubborn fat around chin/neck

Cryotherapy Spot Treatment Benefits

❄Significantly decrease inflammation

❄️Increase blood flow & circulation

❄️Fast track recovery/rehabilitation

❄️Far more powerful/efficient than icing

❄️Decrease visibility of scarring

❄️Non-invasive treatment

❄️Advanced athletic recovery

Cryotherapy Body Sculpting Benefits

❄Reduce the appearance of cellulite

❄️Eliminate stubborn body fat

❄️Tone & tighten skin

❄️Smooth out wrinkles & blemishes

❄️Stimulate collagen & elastin production

❄️Activate healing & cell repair

❄️Reduce inflammation & boost circulation

Polar Parties

Have the place to yourself and save some money with our Polar Parties! Great for:

❄️Sporting clubs



❄️Christmas parties


Infrared Sauna Benefits

🔥 Athletic recovery

🔥 Detoxification

🔥 Improve immunity & vitality

🔥 Skin rejuvenation

🔥 Mood & energy improvement

🔥 Weight management

🔥 Improve flexibility & mobility

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